Picnic and a Proposal

You could not script a day like this. 75 degrees. Greenport's famous 67 steps beach.

As a photographer a proposal is as intense as it gets. You need to wait and be super alert for your couple. You have only a couple of seconds to capture the moment. I was working with event coordinator Trevina, who was aware of our groom to be Ramy’s signal. Ramy and Angela were making their way down those 67 steps. Trevina stepped away to not be seen. I took my spot on my beach towel and put my headphones on to not stand out, which is difficult with your camera gear.

As with most sessions the key is in the planning. We discussed what the couple would be wearing. I sent Trevina and Ramy my picture, so they knew who to look for. We discussed positioning of the actual proposal. As photographers the person being proposed is the reaction you want. Ramy and I discussed having his back towards me so I can get Angela’s face and reaction. It’s the entire reason why I am here! Some proposals have the men so eager that they are on their knees for ten seconds and it is over. Ramy told me he had something to say and would give me more time, however the pressure is still on.

As I saw Ramy and Angela I began to get off my towel and move into position and started shooting the walk over. As discussed Ramy see’s me and walks right in front of Angela showing me his back. Giving me a clear view of Angela’s reaction. We have the reaction shot!

After a couple of minutes of “wait what is happening” Ramy pointed me out and we exchange the congratulations and nice to meet you. Ramy had worked with Trevina on a gorgeous picnic filled with drinks, snacks, and music.

We then had the next hour of an engagement session. This was the highlight of my day. Ramy and Angela were over the moon. Ramy and Angela couldn’t stop staring at each other which let me be my fly on the wall self and capture them being them. As a photographer that is the best. You really couldn’t have a better day.

Congratulations to Ramy and Angela on their engagement! To a happy life!