Pop Some Popcorn and a Question

There is something about picking up movie tickets, the snacks, the popcorn just dripping with butter and finding your theater and your seats. Something that in this streaming world we live in we probably do not do as often as we would like. How about having a theater all to yourself with your special someone. Sounds like a good time. I can make it even better- well how about if there was a proposal at the end of your day. Yeah that sounds like a day that you would give two thumbs up to. Well Sam did just that.

Sam reached out to event planner Trevina Tadros of Trevina Tadros, Inc about proposing to his girlfriend Erin. Trevina knowing Sam tossed out several ideas eventually landing on a unique proposal idea- a movie theater proposal. Trevina took the ball and ran with it - speaking to Regal Theaters about options for a theater.

Sam made his proposal video that would run at the end of the credits of Where the Crawdad Sings. Sam sat threw a 2 hour movie knowing what was going to take place at the end of the movie. Trevina had included Sam & Erin's family to hide out while the video played. While the video played Erin is starting to wonder why Sam is on the screen and who is that guy taking their photography, the hiding families came out. Sam then brought Erin to the middle of the theater and got down on one knee and asked the most exciting question for anyone to ask- Will you marry me? Erin said yes! This proposal was 5 stars!

Couple- Erin & Sam

Photography- Rick Rosa Photography

Concept and Planning- Trevina Tadros Inc

Movie Theater- Regal Theater Westbury Long Island, NY

Movie- Where the Crawdads Sing